Fibroblast – revolutionary lifting effect

Fibroblast – revolutionary lifting effect

What is Fibroblast?

This is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that is used for skin firming, lifting, correction of wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes, bags under the eyes, wrinkles. This method is known for radical smoothing of wrinkles, correction of the eyelid and the fight against the impending upper eyelid. The apparatus uses small “plasma flashes” from a microscopic tip. The skin tightens within a radius of a few millimeters, reduces wrinkles and corrects the eyelids/skin under the eyes. Rows of tiny brown dots are applied strategically to achieve the desired result. The skin and cells around the point tighten.

Benefits of a revolutionary lifting effect

Unlike traditional surgical procedures, lifting cannot be excessive, as only the excess natural skin is reduced.
The result is visible already during the procedure.

How it works?

The PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST handpiece produces a tiny “plasma flash” at the tip. The flash touches the surface of the skin and vaporizes it, leaving a tiny dot. The skin tightens in the immediate vicinity of this point. The points are located on the skin according to the scheme of a tightening mesh, the pattern and sequence of application of which depend on the area of ​​the skin. Their variety and location help to remove excess skin. Result: the skin area is visibly tightened.

After the procedure, there is severe redness and swelling (especially around the eyes), the rehabilitation period can last from 4 to 7 days and requires mandatory compliance with the home regimen.

Who is not suitable for this procedure?

Patients with AIDS/HIV, diabetes (consult in advance), melanoma, vitiligo and any infections. Patients who have recently had surgery, who have keloid scars, who have a pacemaker, who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Patients who are taking medications such as Isotretinoin (eg Roaccutane), Tretinoin (eg Retin-A), Tetracycline.

PLEASE consult with your doctor before performing the procedure. Our beautician will also consult you before the procedure.

FibroBlast upper eyelids150 €
FibroBlast lower eyelid correction150€
FibroBlast lip correction180 €
FibroBlast forehead100 €
FibroBlast cheek correction180€
FibroBlast dekollette200€
FibroBlast nasal lip wrinkles120€
FibroBlast postpartum stretch correction-
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