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1. Agreement

1.1. These terms and conditions regulate the rights and obligations arising from the purchase of gift cards between the Estee.ee client (hereinafter referred to as the Client) and Beautyset OÜ (registration code 12260841, “Estee.ee” or “we”). Estee.ee issues a gift card to customers, on the basis of which the customer can choose the appropriate service, use the respective service, and at the same time confirm the fact of paying for the gift card.
In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relations arising between the parties when purchasing gift cards in the online store are governed by the legal acts in force in the Republic of Estonia.

1.2. The recipient of the gift card is our client who receives a gift through the electronic trading system (“Online Store”) on the website www.estee.ee (“website”).

1.2.3. The client can use the gift card after 12 months from the date of its purchase.

1.3. A gift card is a gift certificate issued for the purchase or use of services (collectively “use”) in our online store and in our salons (collectively “salons”), which guarantees the client or a third party specified by him (“gift recipient”) using the selected service and providing it in accordance with the gift card and terms of use.

1.4. When issuing a gift card, the client signs an agreement with us. These terms and conditions of the contract (“terms of the contract”) are part of this contract.

1.5. Before issuing a gift card, be sure to read the terms of the contract, because by placing an order the client confirms that he (a) has read the terms of the contract, understood them and agreed with them. If the client does not have the opportunity to read the terms of the contract, does not understand or does not agree with them, please let us know using the contact details on our website before buying or no later than 5 (five) days after buying a gift.

1.6. If the client has not read the terms of the contract and does not agree with them, Estee.ee, unfortunately, cannot sell and transfer the gift card to the buyer in the online store.

1.7. When purchasing a gift in the online store, the client is obliged to fill out an order form, indicating the data necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract.

1.8. The contract is considered concluded at the moment when the buyer presses the button “I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT” in the online store and / or the customer is issued a gift card at the point of sale. If the gift card is issued to a third party, this does not affect the validity of the contract.

1.9. Estee.ee processes the personal data of the client and the recipient of the gift in order to fulfill the contract in accordance with the information on the processing of personal data and the privacy policy.

2. Purchasing a gift card

2.1. A gift card is a gift card or item (collectively referred to as a “gift card”) that is issued by us to a customer or gift recipient and is proof of payment for a service by which the customer or gift recipient can use the selected service within the amount and period specified on the gift card . Under the law, a gift card is considered a “multipurpose voucher”.

2.2. The person presenting the gift card during the validity period of the gift card has the right to purchase or use the service. The time of use of the gift card must be agreed in advance, this must be done by the client or the recipient of the gift, and this is not the responsibility of Estee.ee.

2.3. The gift card can only be used once. It is assumed that the presenter of the gift card has the right to use it.

2.4. Before using the service, the client or the recipient of the gift must make sure that the product or service is suitable for him/her, is safe for him, there are no harmful effects and consequences for his/her health, and, if necessary, ask Estee.ee additional information about the service, bearing full responsibility for the influences and consequences of using the service.

3. Gift delivery

3.1. A gift card ordered in the online store shall be delivered to the customer or recipient of the gift at the address specified in the customer’s electronic order form within 1 (one) business day to the e-mail address specified in the order form. In the salons, the gift card is handed over directly to the client.

4. Use and validity of the gift card

4.1. The gift card is valid for 1 (one) year from the date of issue. If the gift card is not used during this validity period, it will expire.

4.2. If a customer uses a gift card to receive a service that is less than the net value shown on the gift card, the excess is not refunded to the customer but is placed in a prepaid account that can be used on a subsequent.

5. Estee.ee undertakes:

5.1. Arrange the transfer or delivery of the gift card chosen by the customer in the online store or in the salons to the customer or the recipient of the gift, if the customer has paid for the gift.

5.2. To inform the customer who has successfully placed an order in the online store as soon as possible about the successful transfer of the gift card order and send the gift card as soon as possible to the e-mail address indicated in the completed order form. Estee.ee is not responsible for receiving a gift card by its recipient if the e-mail address specified in the order form is incorrect.

5.3. Estee.ee has the right not to transfer the gift card if the customer has provided incorrect, inaccurate or misleading data in the order form of the online store or has provided the data in an improper manner.

6. The client undertakes:

6.1. Read the terms of the agreement before ordering a gift card in the online store and inform Estee.ee using the contacts on the site if he (a) has not read the conditions, did not understand them or does not agree( -na) with them.

6.2. Transfer the Estee.ee fee indicated in the online store or salon. The Client is aware that Estee.ee guarantees the provision of the service for this fee.

6.3. Correctly indicate all your data in the online store or in another order form. If the client has provided incorrect or incorrect data, Estee.ee is not responsible for sending the gift card and for the performance of the contract.

6.4. Use the gift card in accordance with the terms and conditions of the gift card and the contract and ensure the same on the part of its recipient.

7. Cancellation of the contract

7.1. The client has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the gift card, if the client or the recipient of the gift has not used the service or booked a time to use it. In order to withdraw from the contract, within the above deadlines, it is necessary to send a written statement of withdrawal and a gift card to the contacts published on the Estee.ee website. Only the customer who made the transaction can withdraw from the contract. With the submission of a withdrawal application, the validity of the gift card expires.

8. Responsibility

8.1. The parties are responsible for failure to fulfill their contractual obligations in accordance with Estonian law. The parties are released from liability in case of force majeure.

8.2. If we violate the terms of these Terms of Use, the customer has the right to rely on statutory remedies – to demand performance of the obligation; refuse to fulfill their unfulfilled obligations; withdraw from the contract; to reduce the price; in case of untimely fulfillment of financial obligations – to demand the payment of a penalty.

9. Privacy

9.1. Estee.ee guarantees the confidentiality of customer and gift recipient data, as well as data related to the purchase of a gift card.

10. Ordering a newsletter

10.1. If a person expresses a wish to receive the newsletter in writing on the Estee.ee website or otherwise, and Estee.ee agrees to send the newsletter (by sending the newsletter to the person), the parties enter into a newsletter contract.

10.2. The distribution agreement is valid for an unlimited time. The customer of the newsletter has the right to refuse to receive the newsletter at any time by submitting an application which terminates the newsletter contract.

11. Marketing offers

11.1. Estee.ee has the right to send marketing offers about new services to the client by Estee.ee e-mail during the term of the contract between Estee.ee and the client. The client has the right to refuse marketing offers by submitting a written request to Estee.ee contacts.

12. Reports and claims

12.1. The Parties undertake to send each other all letters, notices and other documents by e-mail or in writing to the contacts indicated on the Estee.ee website.

12.2. The parties resolve any disagreements arising in connection with the execution of the contract through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the client has the right to apply to the Consumer Dispute Committee of the Consumer Protection Board (www.tarbijakaitseamet.ee) or to the court (www.kohus.ee).

12.3. If any clause in the terms of the contract is invalid due to conflicts with the law, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract. If any provision of the terms of the contract is invalid as a standard condition, such provision shall apply if the Client is not a consumer.

13. Information about the processing of personal data

13.1. The personal data processor is Beautyset OÜ, registration code 12260841, registered office Nurga 7-80 74113 Maardu, www.estee.ee

Purpose of personal data processing

  • We process personal data in order to sell our customers gift cards for goods and services, which allows them to use the services of our partners. When we collect customer data, we limit ourselves to less.
  • We process personal data for the performance of a contract and on the basis of the consent of the individual. After termination of the contract, we process personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest.
  • We process personal data for the purposes of evaluating the quality of customer service, marketing offers and statistical analysis.

13.2. Legal basis for the processing of personal data

  • We process data in accordance with the sales contract and the newsletter. We make direct marketing offers only on the basis of consent, which can be withdrawn by the customer. Consent can be given at the conclusion of the contract.

13.3. Sources of personal data

  • We receive personal data exclusively directly from the client.

13.4. Client rights

  • Receive information about what personal information we process about him/her.
  • Require correction and updating of personal data.
  • Request deletion of personal data.
  • Withdraw consent to the processing of personal data.
  • Withdraw consent to receive direct marketing offers.
  • Require that we do not make customer decisions based on automated data processing.

13.5. Disclosure of personal data

  • We keep personal information confidential.
  • We transfer personal data only for the execution of an intermediary agreement and in cases provided for by law (for example, to investigative authorities).

13.6. Transfer of personal data

  • With the consent and at the request of the client, we provide personal data to a third party service provider for the provision of services.
  • We also share data on our behalf with authorized processors: accounting, etc., a legal service provider to protect our rights, auditors, etc.).

13.7. Storage of personal data

  • We store personal information until the expiration of the contract with the client, and then until the expiration of claims arising from the contract.

13.8. Dispute Resolution

  • Disputes related to the processing of personal data are resolved through the customer support service by e-mail [email protected].
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