Eldan Treatment for men with ultrasound

Eldan Treatment for men with ultrasound

Ultrasonic peeling, or skin cleansing with an ultrasonic device, has been used in medicine and cosmetology for over thirty years. During this time, the procedure has managed to gain popularity, so more and more customers come to the salons to try this procedure. Ultrasonic peeling is convenient and safe, atraumatic and comfortable. The ultrasonic device attracts customers with its efficiency and comfortable sensations from the procedure. The action of the ultrasonic apparatus is based on the fact that under the action of ultrasound, oscillatory movements of cells are carried out several thousand times per second, as a result, all physicochemical and biological processes are accelerated, and a large amount of heat is released, and all keratinocytes are mechanically removed with a spatula. Moreover, if you use additional cosmetic preparations (masks, creams, serums, etc.), then their penetration into the skin increases tenfold.

Men’s skin is very different from women’s. First, it is twice as thick and much denser. Secondly, the skin of men is more elastic and elastic, retains moisture better, and the dermis is richer in collagen. On the other hand, the pH of a man’s skin is more acidic, which makes the skin more vulnerable, and the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands is quite high. Therefore, men are more likely to have oily or combination skin, the presence of enlarged pores and comedones. In addition, there are differences in lifestyle and habits. When prescribing professional care for men, it should be taken into account that men’s skin is more often exposed to aggressive influences, such as daily shaving, which leads to a violation of the water-lipid barrier and microtraumas, men smoke more and more, drink alcohol, work outdoors or work in hazardous industries. . I would like to note that the skin of men fades much more slowly than that of women, but the signs of withering are more pronounced – this is a change in the oval of the face, the appearance of deep and distinct wrinkles, enlarged pores, vascular “asterisks”, swelling and “bags” under the eyes, “goose bumps”. paws.”

Taking into account all these features of male skin, a truly unique care program for the stronger half has been developed. The combined use of preparations for the care of men’s skin and ultrasound, good results are achieved in deep cleansing of men’s skin and restoring its protective properties. This care is complex and the preparations used in it are adapted specifically for men’s skin, they not only have a tonic effect, but also saturate the skin with micro and macro elements, vitamins, start cell renewal, strengthen skin immunity, nourish it and moisturize. This program has the following impact:

– Deep cleansing and narrowing of pores

– Detoxification – the removal of toxins and harmful ions of chlorine and sodium from the deep layers of the skin

– Healing of foci of irritation and restoration of the structure of the epidermis

– Reducing the number and depth of wrinkles

– Neutralization of free radicals

– Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis

– Improvement of skin color and texture

– Strengthening of capillary walls and stimulation of peripheral blood circulation

– Anti-inflammatory and astringent action

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