Non-injection mesotherapy – NanoAsia


Price: NanoAsia for the face 69 € / NanoAsia for the face, neck and décolleté 89 €

There is a 20% discount when buying 4 procedures at once.

How does the non-injection biorevitalization procedure work?

Due to the low molecular composition of the drug and the particle size of only 4nm, it easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin without any injections and skin damage! (Non-addictive.)

Using the NanoAsia AirBrush, the preparation is applied to the skin along the massage lines under the influence of a strong air jet. This helps the drug to easily, without the use of a needle, penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, strengthening, nourishing, rejuvenating and moisturizing it.

The result is comparable with laser procedures and “beauty injections” only if the course is completed in accordance with the age category and skin condition.

What does the non-injection anti-aging procedure with the help of NanoAsia nanotechnologies include?

  • Aqua peeling (cleanses pores, helps remove dead skin cells, moisturizes and strengthens the skin) is one of the very important steps in the procedure to thoroughly cleanse the skin, activate blood circulation and make an intense skin massage. Clear skin effect guaranteed!
  • Non-injection biorevitalization with NanoAsia serum (activates cell renewal, collagen and elastin synthesis, revitalizes, so the skin becomes more elastic and even).

What are the differences between NanoAsia serums?

  • NanoAsia lifting – the new generation of injection-free revitalisers with peptides, resveratrol and plant stem cells. Serum improves the general state of skin, moisturises deeply and provides nutrients, softens and refreshes skin, increases skin elasticity, defines facial contour, provides a clear lifting effect, Improves the skin colour ,provides it with the natural glow ,cures inflammations, narrows pores, improves the elasticity of capillaries and oxygen flow in cells, protects from against UV radiation, botox effect without injection.Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic product. Certified in Europe.
  • NanoAsia multi-peptide complex bomb -It is a unique patented plant nanocomplex containing highly purified substances in a high concentration. It includes 7 peptides, 7 transdermal amino acids, and 12 plant extracts.
  • Skin  the serum includes a formula of antioxidants and plant extracts. It neutralises free radicals and thus restores the skin’s natural protection against damaging external effects. Raises the immune protection of the skin.
  • Shapes the face contour and face definition – It creates a strong net under the skin that shapes the perfect face contour. Raises cheeks and makes them elastic, makes the facial complexion healthier. Removes wrinkles on the nose and lips, the bags under eyes, facilitates skinning down of face (by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage).
  • Correction and prophylactics of wrinkles – restores the tonus and elasticity of the skin, makes wrinkles smoother. Reduces the number of wrinkles and their depth, facilitates whitening of pigment spots and skin. Makes skin tighter, removes muscle spasms by retaining the natural facial expression; removes swellings and dark circles around eyes.
  • Skin nutrition – provides active nutrition to the skin and facial muscles, unique healing components, penetrate deep into the skin structure by having a long-term treatment effect. Enriches the skin with the active nutrients. Restores physiological activity and facial muscles.
  • Skin rejuvenation on cell level – prevents the pathological processes in the skin, stimulates cellular self-generation and biological renewal. Prevents the formation of wrinkles and ageing-related pigmentation. Strengthens the synthesis of collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid (skin matrix). Plant extracts and peptides increase the life cycle of the skin stem cells, decreasing the fatigue of eyelids and signs of ageing.Reduces even deep wrinkles around eyes. The result can be compared to botox injections. Absolutely non-toxic formula.Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic product. Certified in Europe.

How often should the procedure be done?

We recommend a course of at least 6 treatments. How often it is necessary to do the procedure is prescribed by a beautician after a consultation, as this is individual.


  • exacerbation of acne, purulent acne on the skin
  • exacerbation of herpes
  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​the procedure
  • fungal and bacterial skin diseases
  • neuritis of the facial nerve
  • individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to administered drugs.
    In general, the procedure is absolutely safe and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It can be used for irritated and inflammation-prone skin, also during pregnancy and lactation.
Price / €4 = -10%
NanoAsia biorevitalisatsioon näole69 €248,4 €
NanoAsia biorevitalisation for face, neck and decolette89 €320,4 €
NanoAsia lifting näole69 €248,4 €
NanoAsia lifting face, neck and decollete89 €320,4 €
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