Eldan Summer hydrating skin care SUNSHINE

Eldan Summer hydrating skin care SUNSHINE

The main summer pleasures – the sun and heat, turn into the main source of problems for beauty and youth. Bright sun and harsh UV radiation – under the influence of these two factors, the skin is dehydrated, and ultraviolet rays also activate the production of free radicals, which are one of the causes of premature aging. Dust, sweat and the inevitable dirt and soot settle on the skin and clog pores. In the heat, the secretion of sebum increases, and the fight against excessive sebum also leads to overdrying of the skin. Under the influence of the active sun, sea water, wind, etc. the skin loses a lot of water, becomes dry, flaky, turgor decreases. Such signs of summer can be seen both on the face and on the body, especially if a lot of time was spent on the beach. These are signs of photoaging and dehydration.

Visible manifestations of photoaging and dehydration:

• Appearance of new wrinkles

• Increasing the depth of existing wrinkles

• Dryness and peeling of the skin

• Decreased skin tone and elasticity

To restore the water balance of the skin, it is necessary to saturate it with moisturizers (hygroscopic molecules that have the ability to bind water and thereby retain it in the skin). The most well-known moisturizers are polysaccharides, collagen, proteins, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, algae extracts, etc. Minerals also play an important role in maintaining water balance, especially potassium and sodium ions, which retain water inside the cell. A good tool in the fight against dehydration and photoaging is the use of amino acids and AHA acids of low concentrations. And also the most effective fighters against photoaging are retinoids, which stimulate the renewal of skin cells and collagen synthesis.

Therefore, to prevent the destructive action of UV rays, throughout the summer period, it is necessary to use preparations that provide:

• Intensive hydration

• Deep cleansing

• Restoration of metabolic processes

• Restoration of the optical properties of the skin

• Increase skin tone and elasticity

• Reliable protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays (SPF – full screen)

ELDAN’s suggested skincare, tailored to your skin type, has the following beneficial effects:

• Strengthening the ability of the skin to retain moisture (algae extracts, agar, hyaluronic acid, soy protein, collagen)

• Skin nutrition (jojoba, almond, evening primrose, peanut oils)

• Stimulation of collagen synthesis (vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, collagen, Damascus rose water, oxidoreductase)

• Strengthening of capillary vessels and prevention of rosacea (extract of butcher’s broom, vitamin C, vitamin K, hemamelis water)

• Reducing the formation of free radicals (vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, wheat extract)

• Purifying and normalizing action (oily skin) (clay, salicylic acid, kaolin, fuller’s earth)

• Disappearance and normalization of uneven pigmentation (vitamin C, bearberry leaf extract, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate)

• Restoration of the optical properties of the skin (ceramides, echinacea extract)

The procedure lasts 60 minutes and consists of the following steps:

• Cleansing

• Toning

• Pre-care

• Massage

• Eye contour care

• Mask

• Eye contour final product

• Intensive care

• Final care

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