Eldan Acnevect treatment with algin mask

Eldan Acnevect treatment with algin mask

Price: Eldan Acnevect treatment with algin mask 45,00 €

The new ELDAN Acnevect professional care is an innovative combination of products for the active treatment of acne and post-acne, based on:

• Azelaic acid

• Salicylic acid in low concentrations

• Keratolytic enzymes (papain)

• Herbal extracts (extracts of kelp, Icelandic moss, leaf sponge, rosemary, sage, thyme, lemon)

• Oils (lavender, mint, tea tree, bitter orange)

• Sulfur, zinc, triclosan

As a result of the combined action of these components, keratinized cells are removed from the epidermal layer of the skin, which allows:

• reduce the formation of sebum

• excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands to freely come to the surface of the skin

• destruction of bacteria that provoke inflammation

• normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands




• care of the eye contour area EYE RELAXYL

• degreasing ACNEVECT PACK: Acnevect powder and Activating liquid

• mask

• POST PEEL neutralization

• post-mask KRIOKALM

• final care for the eye contour area

• intensive care IDRAPURE

• final care

The most important principles for the treatment of acne and inflamed sebaceous glands are the following:

• inhibition of the formation of sebum

• opening of the ducts of the sebaceous glands and pores by removing dead cells from the surface of the skin

• destruction of bacteria that provoke inflammation

• normalization of the secretion of the sebaceous glands

Acne and blackheads are effectively removed, and the skin becomes smooth and radiant again.

Azelaic acid has a pronounced antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Normalizes disturbed processes of keratinization in the follicles of the sebaceous glands, promotes self-cleaning of the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Inhibits the activity of 5α-reductase, slowing down the production of sebum. It helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, inhibits the proliferation of keratinocytes and the growth of abnormal melanocytes, as it is a tyrosinase inhibitor and inhibits RNA and DNA in melanocytes. It is used to treat acne, reduce hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands and lighten age spots. Another positive property of azelaic acid is the strengthening and restoration of the vascular walls, and thick skin is very poorly supplied with blood vessels, so this peeling is simply indicated for people with manifestations of rosacea.

Salicylic acid has keratolytic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, drying, comedonolytic, sebum-regulating, bactericidal and healing effects, which is very important for adolescents during puberty. Already in a small concentration, it prevents the growth of yeast and mold fungi, some bacteria.

Papain is a polypeptide because it contains 17 amino acids. Peptides regulate most of the processes of the human body, including taking part in the processes of regeneration of cells and tissues, protect the body from toxins. Age, various pathologies and the environment lead to a deficiency of peptides in the body, as a continuation of the logical chain – premature aging and the problems associated with it.

The plant enzyme papain dissolves the bonds between the cells of the dermis, but at the same time acts so thoughtfully and carefully that only dead cells are removed. That is why, unlike fruit peels, enzymatic peels are used for hypersensitive skin, skin prone to allergic reactions, as well as during the sunny seasons of the year. Its action can be compared with the detonator of youth. Getting into the dermis, papain not only cleanses it of unnecessary elements, but also provokes the activity of our own skin enzymes. The relief of the epidermis is leveled, the pores are narrowed, peeling is eliminated, a bright and healthy complexion is acquired.

The procedure can be repeated once every three days.

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