3in1 Cavitation, vacuum lymphatic drainage and myostimulation

Three procedures for express weight loss: cavitation, vacuum lymphatic drainage and myostimulation.

Price: Laserliposuction 30 min + Limfo. massage 15 min + Miostimulation 30 min 55,00 €

When buying 4 procedures at once, a 20% discount applies.

Now you can easily get rid of extra pounds and centimeters in problem areas without much effort in a short time. A complex of three modern and effective procedures is the right choice in the fight against cellulite, fat deposits and sagging skin. In addition, the complex promotes the release of toxins from the body, which makes your skin supple and elastic.

Cavitation duration: 30 minutes

Duration of vacuum lymphatic drainage: 15 minutes

Myostimulation duration: 30 minutes

For best results, a course of 5-10 treatments is recommended.

The results are visible already after the first procedure: a reduction in body weight and volume up to 1-3 cm (depending on the thickness of the fat layer), with a further increase in the effect. After cavitation, lymphatic drainage is performed using the Ultratone device to stimulate the lymphatic and venous system, as well as accelerate the removal of toxins from the body

Cavitation is a non-surgical liposuction that eliminates excess volume and cellulite using ultrasound. Cavitation promotes the elimination of adipose tissue without damage to nerve cells, blood vessels and lymph nodes. During the procedure, fatty formations soften and separate from each other, thus facilitating their removal from the body. The volume of your body is reduced, but the skin remains smooth and supple.

Vacuum lymphatic drainage is a convenient and painless procedure that allows you to break down fats in those places where sports training is powerless. This procedure improves blood and lymph flow, reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat. Cellulite and scars are visibly reduced

Myostimulation procedure is a new word in aesthetic medicine. This procedure helps to get rid of edema and reduce the appearance of cellulite, stimulates the lymphatic system, helps in the treatment of skin problems and the removal of toxins from the body.

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, diseases of the immune system, blood clotting problems, hepatitis, liver failure, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, chronic kidney and liver diseases, open and skin wounds, uterine fibroid, chronic infectious diseases, certain cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, the presence of metal implants

Price / €4x times
Kavitatsioon 30 min + Pressoteraapia 35 min45€144 €
Cavitation 30min+Lümfomassage 15 min45 €144 €
Laserliposaktsioon 30 min + Pressoteraapia 20 min + Miostimulatsioon 30 min50 €160 €
3in1: Cavitation 30 min + Lümfomassage 15 min + Miostimulation 30 min55 €176 €
Trpolar 30min + Cavitation või Lümfomassage 15 min40 €128 €
Laserliposuction 30 min + Lümfomassage 15 min + Miostimulation 30 min55 €176 €
3 in 1:Cavitation 30min + Lümfomassage 15 min + Miostimulation 30 min55 €176 €
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