HiFu Focushape body shaping

HiFu Focushape non-invasive body shaping

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Focushape is an ultrasound technology used for body shaping and fat reduction.

Target areas of Focushape:

It acts on fat cells in the abdomen, thighs, sides, buttocks and upper arms.


During the procedure, you may feel a tingling or warm sensation. Some people report minor bruising immediately after the procedure.


The procedure takes about an hour and requires virtually no recovery time.

Results can be seen within two weeks.

What is FocuShape?

Focushape combines the technology of vacuum and high intensity focused/HIFU ultrasound, it delivers focused ultrasonic energy into the subcutaneous fat layer at a controlled depth, while the vacuum sucks the skin and fat, causing fat cells to be destroyed more effectively with high safety and comfort.

How does Focushape work?

The vacuum sucks the skin and part of the subcutaneous fat layer, and then HIFU penetrates the pulsed ultrasonic energy into the subcutaneous fat layer at a controlled depth, the high energy of ultrasound only targets the subcutaneous fat tissue, and selectively destroys the localized fat cells under the surface layer of the skin, surrounding it, and such tissues like blood vessels, nerves, muscles, etc. are not damaged. Meanwhile, the metabolized contents (triglycerides, fatty acids, cellular debris) from the destroyed fat cells will be recycled through the body’s natural physiological and metabolic pathways.

Vacuum-assisted HIFU penetrates the fat layer through a larger entry angle than non-vacuum HIFU, so only low energy density affects the epidermis, which provides the patient with safe, comfortable and satisfactory treatment. Moreover, the vacuum of more than 40 kPa tightly sucks the skin and fat into the nozzle of the device, isolating the air, increasing the absorption of energy by the fat layer. Therefore, HIFU combined with vacuum is considered the ideal solution for fat reduction with high comfort and safety.


In a clinical study, Focushape showed a 32% reduction in abdominal fat thickness. For optimal results, 3-5 treatments spaced one to two weeks apart are often recommended.

How does Focushape work?

The Focushape procedure is non-invasive, so you don’t need anesthesia. The ultrasound technology targets the fat cells in the abdomen without damaging the surrounding tissues. When the walls of fat cells break down, fat is released as triglycerides. Your liver processes triglycerides and removes them from the body.

Are there risks or side effects?

Aside from a tingling or warm sensation during the procedure, most people experience little to no discomfort. Because of the measurable energy of Focushape technology, fat cells must be destroyed without harm to the skin or nearby nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.

Some people report bruising immediately after the procedure. In rare cases, you may experience redness that goes away within 24 hours.

What to expect after Focushape?

In most cases, regular daily activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Results can be seen as early as two weeks after the first Focushape treatment. For optimal results, three to five treatments spaced one to two weeks apart are recommended. Our beautician will help you decide how many treatments are needed for your individual needs.

Once the treatment eliminates the targeted fat cells, they cannot regenerate. However, other fat cells in the surrounding areas may increase in size, so maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime after Focushape is paramount.

Preparing for Focushape

Focushape is non-invasive, so little preparation is required before treatment. But in general, try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your pre-treatment routine to maximize Focushape results. This includes eating a nutritious, balanced diet and exercising for at least 20 minutes a day.

We can recommend that you drink about 10 cups of water a day of treatment to stay hydrated. You should also refrain from smoking a few days before treatment.

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