Apparatus no needle mesotherapy

Apparatus no needle mesotherapy

Price: Apparatus no needle mesotherapy for face 45,00 € / for face, neck and decollette 67,50 €

Mesotherapy is an effective procedure that allows you to solve a huge range of skin problems – age-related skin changes (loss of elasticity, violations of skin turgor and muscle tone).

This method of mesotherapy does not involve the use of injections, but the effect of the procedure is similar to the effect of injection mesotherapy!

Rejuvenating and healing procedures with the help of the device allow you to painlessly penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. Thus, after the first session, a positive effect is observed.


Non-injection therapy has several advantages:

• the risk of swelling and bruising is excluded

• there are no inflammatory manifestations of the skin

• for each problem and type of skin, an individual preparation-cocktail is selected.


The result of mesotherapy:

• Deep wrinkles are reduced instantly by 30% without injections

• Ideal for the correction of pronounced wrinkles located in the forehead, around the eyes and around the lips, in the nasolabial triangle

• Increases elasticity and firmness of the skin

• Nourishes the skin with vitamins

• Skin color is evened out

• Promotes intensive nutrition, regeneration and skin rejuvenation

• Smoothes out a network of fine wrinkles

• Effectively tightens the skin

• Signs of fatigue disappear

• Promotes skin cell renewal and restores elasticity and radiance to your skin.



• inflammatory processes of the skin on the treated surface

• herpes in the stage of exacerbation and the course of the disease

• during colds

• pregnancy and lactation

• oncological diseases and any diseases in the acute stage.

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