AI Facial Skin Diagnostics

Hardware diagnostics of facial skin using artificial intelligence

We offer intelligent diagnostics AI Skin Analyzer System, which allows you to accurately determine the type and condition of your facial skin, as well as identify its needs.

OPATRA is the world’s most advanced skin problem detector that takes multispectral photographs of the face, examining complexion, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, pores, texture, porphyrins, UV spots, moisture and pigmentation.

How is diagnostics carried out?

A complete diagnostics with consultation with a cosmetologist lasts 45 minutes.
The study itself takes no more than 25 seconds, and the results can be immediately used to prepare a course of treatment and in the future as the most reliable way to check the effectiveness of procedures.

What information does diagnostics provide?

  • The biological age of the epidermis is a general characteristic that helps to assess the correspondence of the state of the dermis to the real age of the patient.
  • Diagnostics of problems – a comprehensive history of facial skin tissues, highlighting “difficult” areas and analyzing the causes of imperfections.
  • Risks of skin disorders – check your predisposition to common skin problems. Useful for identifying problems in the early stages, when correcting the skin condition requires less time and effort.
  • Changes in the condition of facial skin over a certain period of time.

How it works?

The facial skin analysis procedure clinically measures the condition and superficial layers of the skin using state-of-the-art digital imaging using RGB visible light, PL polarized light and UV spectrum imaging technology combined with artificial intelligence and image analysis.
Data captured from well-lit skin is immediately deployed in 3D space for instant analysis by artificial intelligence.

In a few seconds of detailed inspection, the device determines:

  • skin sensitivity;
  • presence and type of wrinkles;
  • the severity of the vascular pattern;
  • pore size and condition;
  • texture and density of the skin;
  • sebum secretion level;
  • moisture level;
  • level of skin photoaging;
  • severity of skin damage;
  • pigmentation disorders;
  • possible risks and consequences in the absence of adequate care;
  • biological age of the skin;
  • forecast of the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.

Why is diagnostics necessary?

You don’t have to go through dozens of procedures on yourself to get results! Smart diagnostics provides the basis for an accurate diagnosis after the first visit.
After accurately determining the current condition and needs of the skin, a professional skin care program is created and the ability to visually track progress. In addition, a personal home care program is also drawn up.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Makeup and cosmetics on the skin significantly complicate the diagnostic process. After cleansing the skin, it will take some time before its condition (especially the oil level) returns to normal.

For best result please cleanse the skin and remove make-up the night before, also we recomend to cream the skin. In the morning, it is important to wash the skin with lukewarm water, and after that you must not apply any cosmetics, cream or make-up products. It is important not to apply any cosmetics 6 hours before the skin analysis, so that the results are as accurate as possible.

What are the contraindications to the AI Skin Analyzer procedure?

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • age up to 18 years
  • epilepsy
  • presence of active acne
  • claustrophobia.
Price /€
AI Facial Skin Diagnostics80 €
AI Facial Skin Diagnostics if buy facial treatments or Eldan home care at the same time for 250€For free
Second AI Facial diagnostics during 6 months for regular client20 €
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