Mesotherapy for face with dermoroller /MESOPEN

Mesotherapy for face with dermoroller /MESOPEN

MesoPen is an automatic mesotherapy needle system that performs vertical piercings.

Microneedling treatments are very effective and are called intensive piercing treatments called collagen “producing” therapy.

The growth of collagen fibers improves the condition of the dermis, the quality of the skin is changing. Appearance is improving.

In addition, punctures create micro channels through which cocktails applied to the skin penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.


In the process of using Meso Pen, a sterile disposable cartridge is used for each client.

The procedure is safe, very intensive and not very painful.

MESO-PEN automatic needle system: vertical piercings are performed, there are 5 adjustable speed settings, so the procedure is minimally painful, no bleeding, slight redness. There is a ring that allows you to adjust the length of the needles from 0.25 to 2.0 mm for the desired puncture depth. This is important because different areas of the human face have different skin thicknesses. During the procedure, a sterile disposable cartridge with 1, 12 or 36 microneedles is used. In this regard, the procedure is sterile and absolutely safe.

SNS ROLLER needle system: it is a professional sterile instrument. There are 200 titanium microneedles on each mesoscooter; punctures with a depth of 0.3 – 0.5 – 1.0 – 1.5 – 2.0 mm are performed with separate mesoscooters. In this way, the procedure is carried out faster than the Meso-pen apparatus, but it is more painful and less accurate in choosing the required piercing depth. In accordance with the rules of hygiene, the needle roller is intended for single use.

List of cocktails:

F-XFC Rejuvenation and Biorevitalization Cocktail

F-XFC FACE Skin rejuvenation, skin firming, wrinkle reduction

F-XFC+ FACE Facial rejuvenation and tightening

F-LIFT+ FACE Lifting with growth factors and peptides

F-EYE CONTOUR getting rid of bags under the eyes, dark circles, wrinkles

F-BTX treatment of mimic wrinkles with peptides

F-ACN for effective treatment of oily skin, enlarged pores and acne

F-RADIANCE skin whitening, dark spots reduction & complexion improvement

F-DMAE reduces wrinkles, extreme skin tightening and firming

F-SILORG dermal matrix restructuring and rejuvenation

F-VITAMIN ACE neutralizes free radicals and gives the skin new life

F-VITAMIN B COMPLEX for skin and hair revitalization

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