Eldan Retinol for face

Eldan Retinol facial treatment

Price: Eldan Retinol facial treatment  60 €

Retinol (one of the active forms of vitamin A) is the strongest ingredient for correcting signs of aging, the best assistant in renewing the top layer of skin and qualitatively improving its structure, getting rid of wrinkles and age spots.

The main effects of retinol on the skin:

  • smoothing of skin relief
  • lifting and reduction of wrinkles
  • prevention of UV-induced skin damage
  • lightening as a result of exfoliation of horny scales filled with pigment
  • getting rid of comedones, correcting acne and post-acne due to the normalization of sebum secretion processes
  • narrowing of pores
  • increasing skin density (activates the synthesis of collagen fibers, has a stimulating effect on dermal fibroblasts)

It is important to know:

When using a product for sensitive skin, retinol may cause slight flaking and redness at the beginning of the course, which is not a contraindication for further use.

What is included in the procedure?

  • wash face (milk/gel)
  • cleansing pre gel and netting solutions mask
  • lifting massage with retinol serum
  • mask with retinol
  • applying retinol cream

Mandatory recommendations:

  • cannot be used simultaneously with AHA and BHA acids
  • you should avoid exposure to sunlight on your skin and go out into the open sun only with SPF protection.


  • oncological formations
  • pregnancy and lactation
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