Carboxytherapy for the body

Carboxytherapy for the body

Price: Carboxytherapy for the body 1 zone 60 € / Carboxytherapy for the body 1 zone addition to body care -40% 36 €

How does it affect the skin?

The main principle of carboxytherapy is that carbon dioxide penetrates into the deep layers of the skin without disturbing the epidermal barrier and stimulates peripheral circulation – endooxygen is released from erythrocytes, tissue oxygenation increases, which contributes to detoxification and saturation of tissues and cells with active substances.

Such reactions can reduce cellulite, stretch marks, improve skin color and elasticity, and control the balance of moisture and fat.

Carboxytherapy with Carboxy CO2 helps to reshape body contours, improve skin elasticity and reduce cellulite. Also, the procedure with the use of this drug is effective after surgery or in the postpartum period.

Result after procedures:
  • cellulite reduction
  • removal of swelling and bruising
  • reduction of side effects after clinical procedures
  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • stretch marks reduction.

Advantages of non-invasive (non-injection) carboxytherapy:

  • safety
  • absence of unpleasant pain
  • no allergic reactions
  • no age restrictions
  • no recovery period after the procedure
  • suitable for all skin types
  • can be used on any part of the face and body



  • chronic neuralgic diseases
  • mental disorder
  • acute inflammatory processes
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