RF Lipolysis

RF lüpolüüs

RF Lipolysis is a revolutionary combination of powerful therapeutic RF (radio waves), ultrasonic waves and cooling.

Why choose the RF-lipolysis procedure?

Incredibly fast, harmless and safe way to tighten and rejuvenate the skin
Reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite.
Duration of the minimum course: 2-4 procedures on one area with an interval of 7-14 days. The result of the treatment is noticeable immediately after the first procedure and increases after treatment for 3-6 months.

Results on the body:

1. reduction of adipose tissue
2. stronger skin tightening
3. cellulite reduction
4. improve skin elasticity.

Contraindications: skin diseases, injuries on the treated area, pregnancy, lactation, the presence of a pacemaker, an acute viral infection, inflammation, surgical correction or deep peeling in the face area, blood diseases, decreased immunity, cancer, the presence of metal implants in the treated area (dental prostheses are not contraindicated).

To achieve the best effect and to accelerate the removal of decomposition products of fat cells from the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the procedure is performed using the Velashape apparatus.

 Price / €4x times
RF Lypolisis for body 30 min45 €144 €
VelaShape 20 min + RF Lypolysis 20 min60 €192 €
HiFu Focushape (1 zone) + Rf lipolysis 20 min.150 €480 €
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RF lüpolüüs