Lash Botox

Lash Botox

Price: Lash botox 50,00 €

Lash Botox is a natural lash treatment designed to increase volume by 40% and thicken each lash.

The service is an additional procedure to eyelash lamination. The action of Botox for eyelashes Lash Botox for Lamination Enhance is aimed at filling the destroyed parts of the hair, restoring the natural structure and deeply moisturizing the hair.

An eyelash is 96% keratin. The composition of Lash Botox is dominated by hydrolyzed keratin (reduced to such a size that the particles can freely penetrate the finest hair) and collagen – a natural moisturizer.

That is why Lash Botox is a procedure for restoring damaged eyelashes with a huge untapped potential.

The effect of the procedure

  • Restoration of damaged eyelashes – hydrolyzed keratin
  • Deep hydration – hyaluronic acid
  • Enhanced coloring – argan oil
  • 40% Volume Increase – Collagen & Keratin
Eyelashes / eyebrows
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