Cryo or Detox bandage wrap at the same time as infrared blanket

Cryo or Detox bandage wrap at the same time as infrared blanket

100% natural body shaping concept – bandage wraps impregnated with natural active substances based on extracts of vegetable oils, minerals and trace elements. Wraps are one of the most popular and effective methods of body shaping and cellulite removal, as well as an effective assistant in a weight loss diet for effective weight loss.

Various combinations of active ingredients with a patented anti-cellulite complex (Anti-Cellulite CO2 Complex) and Dead Sea mud extract stimulate blood circulation, help restore blood flow and metabolism in tissues affected by cellulite or other blood flow disorders (sedentary lifestyle, post-traumatic disorders, etc.). Due to the increase in the volume of blood flow in the capillaries, the tissues are supplied with oxygen and nutrients, which contributes to the breakdown of fat, the removal of toxins and toxins, the removal of puffiness and leads to a noticeable decrease in volume. Thanks to nutrition and mineralization, skin tightening and restoration of skin elasticity, cellulite and skin sagging are prevented.

  • Detox wraps help eliminate toxins and burn fat. Reduces cellulite and puffiness, removes water and improves skin tone.
  • Cryo wrapping – due to the strong cooling effect, it enhances lymphatic drainage, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves the structure and tone of the skin. It is also allowed to be used to dilate blood vessels, as well as to relieve swelling of the legs during pregnancy.

An infrared blanket is a great way to lose weight. Promotes the reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite, 600-900 kcal in 40 minutes.

The infrared blanket removes toxins from the body, improves muscle tone and significantly reduces cellulite. The edematous state disappears both from the body and from the face. The skin becomes elastic and smooth. You will feel much better. The infrared deck is one of the ways of rehabilitation, aesthetic body care, relaxation and well-being.

An infrared blanket differs from an infrared sauna only in the way the procedure is carried out. The result and efficiency are exactly the same. Infrared radiation travels through the air as invisible light waves and heats directly without heating the surrounding air. Warming of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. IP radiation burns the subcutaneous fat layer even at low ambient temperatures. The size of the body is significantly reduced, the condition of the skin and the general condition of the body improves. Exfoliate your body in the morning before your procedure and avoid creams. Drink at least 2 liters of water 3-4 days before. Reduce your coffee intake.

Infrared radiation penetrates into human tissues to a depth of 4-5 cm, and therefore causes severe sweating. In an infrared mat, sweating is 3 times more intense at relatively low temperatures than in a conventional sauna, where heat penetrates to a depth of only a few millimeters. Body tissues warm up deeper, cell temperature rises to 38 degrees. When visiting a regular sauna, water makes up 90-97% of the composition of sweat, and only 80-85% in an infrared rug. The remaining 15-20% remove toxic metabolites (fats, cholesterol) and heavy metals (copper, mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, tin). The air temperature of the infrared mat is 35-60 degrees, and its thermal effect is deeper and more effective, so it is also suitable for the elderly. Recommended session duration is 30 minutes.

Suitable for both warming up before a workout and relaxing after a workout. Provides muscles with oxygen-rich blood, which helps to remove metabolic residues.

Also used for muscle and joint problems.

Fabrics are freed from toxic residues (toxins, nicotine, alcohol, cholesterol) and heavy metals (lead, zinc, nickel, mercury, aluminum, tin)

It also relieves conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic neck and back pain, and more. It cleanses and improves the appearance of the skin, stimulates cell renewal. Accelerates the healing of acne, psoriasis and eczema. Reduces stress and fatigue. Reduces pain. Increases the body’s immunity.

Contraindications for infrared blanket:

1. Pacemaker
2. Pregnancy and breastfeeding
3. Diabetes
4. Epilepsy
5. Infectious and inflammatory processes
6. Skin lesions in the treatment area (skin cracks, wounds)
7. Violations of the blood supply to the brain

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